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Okay, so the first Pop Up Shop for dKillerPanda World is done. As you might know, when I quit my job at the marketing company, my goal was to start my own business. So after going to some seminars about freelancing and starting business here in Berlin, I decided to make one real test, at least for a month. So I tried one of those Pop Up Shops. In case you don’t know, a Pop Up Shop is a shop that you can rent for a small period of time, from days to months. So I rented one  for around a month and a week, in the center of Berlin.

Pop Up Shop - dkillerpandaworld.com

And, like with everything, it comes with good things and bad things. Good things are that you can test your product, your audience, your name, and yourself. And I saw most of the products there at my shop were welcome fine. Besides the fact that I really felt quite comfortable in the role of a sellers guy, getting to talk to people who share the same culture interestest than I have.

Pop Up Shop - dkillerpandaworld.com

But it also came with bad things, like the space is not mine so I couldn’t customize it as I wanted, the available areas and spaces were very very limited (so it’s impossible to make your test in the area you would like to), and over all, the price is very high.

Pop Up Shop - dkillerpandaworld.com Pop Up Shop - dkillerpandaworld.com

Still, I don’t regret to have done it this way. The feeling for the products and my own new role was by far positive, and now I just can be looking forward for the next step. What can the next step be? Maybe another Pop Up Shop, maybe already go for the big bet and start the final physical shop… The only thing I know for sure is that I feel comfortable with this project, this idea, and I feel like it can work out really well.

We will see, more episodes in the new year 2016!

Pop Up Shop - dkillerpandaworld.com Pop Up Shop - dkillerpandaworld.com Pop Up Shop - dkillerpandaworld.comPop Up Shop - dkillerpandaworld.com Pop Up Shop - dkillerpandaworld.com