Bye bye marketing company

I still remember tender and fucking innocent me when I sent my first email in that new job. I spent years going from one shitty job to another trying to become a programmer, trying to find my spot in the working world of Barcelona, and I must say I wasn’t succeeding very much.  But, finally, it was 2004 and I got my chance. On a 25th of June of 2004 I was sending that first email introducing myself to everybody in that big international company. To send an email to hundreds of people from other countries, people that you don’t even know and you probably will never see in person… that was strange for me. “Hello to everybody. My name is Dani, I am 25 years old, and I am the new…..” well, I don’t even remember what position that was.

So more than 10 years after, even changing companies but staying in the business with some of the people who gave me the first chance back in 2004, I decided it was time to quit. Again. But this time for good.

In those 10 years I went from being the guy who had no fucking idea about anything in marketing, but just adding some numbers to Excel files and filter data like a monkey, to being head of the team of programmers and being one of the people the rest of the company sometimes asked for advice. Those almost 11 years went so fast! My old colleagues from the first marketing company started their own project in 2007 and they asked me to join. I couldn’t let that chance pass. And what started as the crazy project of some dreamers, a small company of 5 people not knowing much what they were doing, became a big agency that now has deals with some important international clients. One day I woke up and I found myself having a pretty successful carreer! ME!! But that was killing me on the inside, I hated that cold world, full of bastards and clients with lots of money but little brains. Not everything was bad, I loved most of my colleagues, some of them were or became some of the best friends I have. And we could have some laughs when it was the time for that. But over all, the damn over all, it was horrible. I totally hated the marketing world, the clients, the useless sales people. It was really driving me crazy, so I had to quit.

It was around 2008 when I met the guys from dKillerPanda. First we met when we were sharing a working space, back the in the early steps of the new marketing agency. But soon we started to build strong links between us. We got along very well. We saw we shared in common so many things about movies, music, humor…. The bars were our sanctuaries where we dreamt about crazy projects. They were doing those cool drawings, comic books, they had those good looking tshirts…. They were “the art of the dark”. So after many hours sharing crazy shit at bars, I came with one even crazier idea: What don’t I make the shop for my friends, dKillerPanda Shop?

What started as a weird idea grew strong roots in me. And the concept also grew until it became a little monster by itself. Why not to make a shop based in horror, science fiction and alternative entertainment? Why to stay only with dKillerPanda stuff when there are so many cool things out there that people need to see? Why to stay only with a shop, when it could also be a movies festival, concerts, all kinds of events? So one day that monster of an idea became the concept of dKillerPanda World.

So at the end of April 2015 I left the marketing company and ended my carreer as head of the programming team, to pursuit the dream of starting a Horror community based in Berlin but for the entire Earth: dKillerPanda World. And here I am, at the start point, and with the destination ahead. Now I only have to find the path to go and arrive there. “Only”. So wish me luck because this adventure starts NOW!

Bye bye marketing company

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