Movie reviews

In my own page dKillerPanda World I regulary post movie reviews. The genres stays under the shadow of horror, science fiction and these kind of cool movies I love. So don’t expect me to review the latest Sex in the City film or whatever other shitty flick that’s a hype latelly.

In the reviews section I talk about big movies like Hateful 8 or The Martian, but also some small films. Some of them are acceptable and enjoyable, although some others are pure stinking crap. But still, somehow I enjoy watching them.

And not only recent movies, I also talk about movies from the 80s there. And probably sooner or later, older movies will appear.

Not only me is the only one having reviews posted in dKillerPanda World, so I will give the link to the page were my reviews are shown. No need to say, if you just want to read also other people’s reviews, you can do that, no problem. Just for your information, my reviews are under the name D. of Nowhere.

So now you know, ENJOY the movie reviews!: